Ortal's advantages


Create a new experience with every fireplace, with over 80 customizable models, dozens of fire media options and any facing materials.


Rethink safety, Ortal fireplaces are engineered for maximum enjoyment and safety. Ortal’s Screen and Double Glass Heat Barrier preserves the glass enclosure at a comfortable temperature. Ensuring that your fireplace is completely safe without any compromise to aesthetics.


Reimagine Innovation, Ortal’s advanced features make our fireplaces versatile enough to fit your design exactly.


Recreating efficiency - Ortal is known worldwide as an innovative company in the modern gas fireplace field. Ortal’s unique burner design ensures the cleanest possible use of gas, combining optimal warmth and heating savings.

Direct Vent

All Ortal Direct Vent fireplaces feature a balanced flue. A balanced flue gas fie is a fireplace-sealed using a glass front.


With internal lighting, you’ll be able to extend your fireplace’s appeal regardless of whether it’s in use. Built-in, recessed lighting are controlled with your remote with dimmer capabilities, adding ambiance at all times.

Fan Exhaust

Reinvent freedom, Ortal’s modern Fan Exhaust System enables the creativity of design without limitations.

WILDERNESS Flame Fireplaces

An ultra-realistic gas fireplace that is unlike anything in the industry.

Cool Wall Technology

Redefine space - Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology enhances your design possibilities, ensuring that the walls surrounding your fireplace, including the one directly above it, remain cool.