Troubleshooting common faults

If there is no display on the controller, there are probably no batteries or the batteries are old and need to be replaced. Insert three AAA batteries or a 9V battery (in older models), set the time according to the instructions and make sure that the controller controls the fireplace correctly.

Open the service port, then make sure that the gas valve is open: the valve should be straight (parallel to the line), and not off, at 90 degrees. Also, take the old batteries out of the receiver and replace with new batteries (4 AA batteries).

Don’t worry. When you turn it on for the first time at the beginning of the season, it takes it time for the gas to reach the system and the fireplace may turn on only after 10-15 attempts. Still can’t turn it on? Call Ortal Fireplaces and order a technician.

When the fireplace is new, turn it on for 4 hours with the windows open to evaporate any unpleasant odors. If you smell gas while the fireplace is on, turn off the valve immediately. If the odor persists, turn off the cylinders and call a licensed gas technician. Can you smell gas only when the fireplace is open? Call Ortal Fireplaces and order a technician.

Sometimes soot appears on the glass, or the glass itself assumes a white hue. Don’t worry: this is a common occurrence that lasts for about 30-40 operation hours in the first year. The white hue will disappear after thorough cleaning by a licensed installer.

Aim the controller at the fireplace when operating it.

For a manual controller, press the red dot and the up arrow buttons at the same time.

For an electronic controller, press the Off and the up arrow buttons at the same time.

Both models will make a few beeps to indicate that it has turned on.

You can synchronize the controller  to the fireplace in 3 simple steps:

Please note: before synchronizing, make sure that the fireplace is not on and the burners are not active!

  • Open the fireplace’s service port and find the receiver box (see picture).
  • To synchronize the controller  to the receiver, press the  RESET  button until you hear a long tone.
  • Press the down arrow button  on the controller. When the controller  successfully identifies the receiver, you will hear a short beep.
  • Click the  SET  button twice until a lighting symbol appears
  • You can turn the lighting on or off using the up and down arrows

To turn on the main burner and increase the fire intensity, press the up arrow button.

To reduce the fire intensity and turn off the main burner, press the down arrow button.

Double burner  – pressing SET and the up arrow turns on both rows, pressing SET and the down arrow turns off a row

  • Click the  up arrow  and down arrow buttons at the same time.  The time display on the controller  will flash.
  • To set the hour, press the  up arrow. To set the minutes, press the  down arrow.
  • After that, you can press OFF and wait a few seconds until the display on the controller  reverts to normal.
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