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Who are we?

Since the dawn of history, fire has attracted us. It is mesmerizing, warming, soothing, and serves as a central place in a home around which guests and family members assemble. We at Ortal Fireplaces have been upgrading the presence of fire in residences for more than 30 years, and integrate it into advanced, prestigious fireplaces that are sold worldwide. The flames in all their various shapes and the heat that they emit redefine the home space and give it a special character with an appearance that cannot be ignored.

Our fireplaces offer innovative technology, an exciting, attractive design, exacting attention to the smallest detail and uncompromising safety. These are the reasons that have led designers, architects and contractors to choose Ortal Fireplaces.

And here are a few more important reasons:

Perfect manufacturing quality
Ortal Fireplaces’ reputation relies on perfect manufacturing quality, precision finish, strict safety standards and easy installation. Alongside a wide selection of models and global service, choosing Ortal
is natural and obvious. In addition, our diverse fireplaces and solutions ensure compliance with safety standards and maximum convenience in service.

Esthetics and advanced technology
The design of fireplaces changes with the latest innovations in technology and trends in the field, but we are well aware that a high quality fireplace must combine exceptional design with state-of-the-art technology. Ortal’s fireplaces allow you to control the fire by remote control, are extraordinarily beautiful and are very safe to use and maintain. Therefore, we design them according to the strictest requirements alongside architects, designers, constructors and home and business owners.

Global services – worldwide
Ortal’s engineers and designers work hard to provide you a solution around the world. We offer a global reach that is committed to market-leading excellence, high quality service and technical support for our customers, contractors and business partners in the sector.

We invite you to join our tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and enjoy a pleasant, stylish and warm winter with Ortal Fireplaces.